ProjectCROOS unites
state-of-the-art science and embattled salmon fishermen in a unique
project that aims to save salmon and the Oregonians who depend on them
for their livelihood. Geneticists can determine the routes salmon travel during their lives,
from river to ocean and back inland once again.
ProjectCROOS has set goals across a range of activities. These include:


Reports and Publications

Project CROOS Reports

Season Report to PFMC — September 2007 PDF

Final Report — March 2007
Cover and Introduction PDF
Part 2: Fleet Management | Genetics PDF
Part 3: Datalogger Management | Summary PDF
Part 4: Appendices PDF
Research Papers

Development of the project CROOS website: laying the groundwork for the future of fisheries research

By Christopher M. Pugmire

from Oregon State University's ScholarsArchive, November 14, 2007
Related Publications

Research Methods and Proposals

CROOS Collaborative Researcher Field Sampling Protocol PDF
(draft June 8, 2007)

CROOS Lab-to-Liaison Protocol PDF
(draft June 10, 2007)

2007 Salmon GSI Proposal (EFP) PDF

S-K Grant Proposal PDF

West Coast Genetic Stock Identification Collaborative

Vision Statement
Establish a dynamic working partnership between fishermen, scientists
and managers that will strengthen west coast salmon fisheries by
improving management practices and economic opportunities through better
understanding of stock specific ocean distribution and migration
patterns of Chinook.


News and Articles

The Secret Code of Salmon
Researchers are developing new genetic tools to sort out salmon in the ocean and help fishermen target healthy stocks and avoid endangered ones.

from "Oregon's Agricultural Progress", the research magazine for the OSU Agricultural Research Station, Fall 2006

Scientific Advancements Could Revolutionize Fishery Management: Can DNA-Based Sampling Help Beleaguered West Coast Salmon Fishermen?

By Jeffrey Blumenthal and Crescent Calimpong


See the results of Project CROOS's data collection efforts in these interactive maps.
Hosted by OSU.
GIS done by Chris Romsos.
Directions: [to be added]
Science Maps
Fishing Maps
You can find out where it was caught, and what river it came from, using this map.



The science of ProjectCROOS begins with the expertise of our fishermen partners: the Oregon salmon fishermen who support the project as a way to recover salmon stocks. The salmon trollers who have joined the project are given equipment for gathering data, which they use as they fish for a living.


The Problem


The Collaborative Research on Oregon Ocean Salmon project (ProjectCROOS) was approved in June 2006 by the Oregon Legislature Emergency Board. $585,000 was granted to the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Program, who directed the funds to the Oregon Salmon Commission for ProjectCROOS, a unique industry-university research effort to identify salmon stocks in the ocean.

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